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Mental fitness platforms with a core focus on gender specific content and services provides solutions that are effective, inclusive, and sensitive to the unique experiences of individuals.
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It began as the He Changed It service, a downloadable app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, that enables users to access and reach out, to a unique support network of resources, check-ins, mental health professionals, family and/ or friends at times of emotional /mental or physical need. The platforms are branching out to include He Changed It, She Changed It, and They Changed It. Providing safe spaces and applicable, appropriate support and content for a wide range of users in distinct safe platforms. Ideal for those suffering from mental health issues such as: depression, anxiety, stress, grief, PTSD, chronic pain, life-threatening or terminal illness, eating disorders, addiction, abuse, etc., or more importantly, those wanting to take a proactive approach to their ongoing mental health and wellness.
Taking gender concerns into account is crucial for designing and implementing mental health programs that are effective and inclusive. Outcomes are influenced by gender roles, expectations, and experiences, which can affect the way individuals seek and receive mental health care.
Men Die Every Hour from Suicide in North America
0 %
of US adults with a diagnosable condition reported in 2023 that they could not afford access to treatment they needed
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of US adults experienced both a mental health condition and substance abuse in 2020
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as many men commit suicide compared to women. However, women attempt suicide more often than men

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